Back To Our Little Island

June 21st, 2013 by

Boarding the Gabriola Ferry from Nanaimo,  back to our little Island, sailboats criss cross paths in front of the Quinsam, on their voyages out into the Strait of Georgia and beyond. Our sailboat still sits, tugging at dock lines and jealous of the smaller crafts that sit on her decks that seem to always garner much more attention from Jen and I. Our spring season has been a flurry of activity on both coasts of the Island with school groups, outdoor education and the launch of our new guide training programs this May. I am just heading over for our last group of the season who are planning on spending Solstice in the Gulf Islands, with our kayaks. Jen will be coming over later and we’ll likely stay on terra firma, perhaps celebrating the advent of the long days of summer on our mtn bikes, winding through the rainforest and Garry Oak meadows on fast single track. Some sun would be nice to mark the significance of the season, however a mother of pearl white stratus  layer of cloud covers the landscape like a thick blanket.

Our first trip of the season begins on the 29th, to the Hakai and the Outer Islands of the Great Bear Rainforest.  Our first expedition to this area. Excitement and anticipation is intertwined with a little anxiety of the ‘unknown,’ regardless of our months of planning this trip. This is a big year for us with an  number of new trips and programs as we expand our repetoire of paddling destinations. As the ferry docks, marking the end of our voyage, it signals the beginning of many new ones over the long awaited days of summer.