Green Initiatives

Leave No Trace Camping

Essentially…take only photos, leave only footprints.

Wildlife Viewing Guidelines

Codes of conduct regarding keeping a safe distance from and limiting viewing times with marine mammals, bird and wildlife,on and of the water.


All of our guides are  outdoor educators, interpreters and naturalists in their own right with varying degrees of experience/expertise in a wide variety of areas. We love to share our passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for the marine environment, through interpretation and teachable moments as they unfold in a casual and laid back manner.


Gabriola has always encouraged ridesharing among guests to travel to paddling destinations and we commonly coordinate and organize carpooling from the office.


Our office program is pretty straightforward. All paper/plastic/metal/tin products are separated & recycled.

On the water – In 2008 we began to do a better job out in the feild by separating the recyclables from garbage and compost. We strongly encourage guides &  guests to reduce, reuse and recycle.


In 2012 we added a new composting facility now exists at our Gabriola office.

Local and Organic Foods

Where and whenever possible, we strive to buy local and/or organic foods and support the producers and suppliers of local and organic products. However, we do realize the difficulty for us and our guests, to consistently find what we need to supply our respective kayaking pantry’s.

We typically bring   fair trade gourmet coffee and carry more locally produced Gabriola Island specialty items from Slow Rise Bakery, Gabriola Island Chocolate and Garlic.

Energy Efficiency at the Office

Gabriola Sea Kayaking is run out of a small energy efficient building thoughtfully designed, and  contracted by Matt’s dad Gerry Bowes, and built by freinds,  neighbours and local tradesmen.

Water Conservation

Gabriola Island is groundwater sensitive and in the height of summer, our dry mediterranean climate can cause drought like conditions. We make a big effort to use our water supply  gently and wisely.

Gear and Equipment

We purchase ethically sourced products and  buy as locally as possible.


Gabriola has always thrived on good old word of mouth.

We used 100%  post consumer non-virgin recycled cardstock for our business and plaque cards. This batch of Gabriola swag should last us another year or so.

In the next round, we’ve sourced out synthetic “paper”  made out of non-toxic and child safety tested plastic resins and inorganic fillers creating product which can be melted down and reused in perpetuity —made and remade as ‘paper’ or other products. We’ll let you know how it goes.

We’re also debating the idea of all web based advertising in the future.